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Sorry, but we are not hiring at this time. 



COVID - Because of the present situation, Inglés de Mar is offering all its groups ONLINE. Therefore the teacher need not reside in Almería or even in Spain.  

INGLÉS DE MAR School of English

Inglés de Mar began operating as a licensed academy of English in 2012, with a small premises in the resort area of Roquetas de Mar. We focus on the Callan Method because we believe it is the best way to inspire our students to really communicate in English while learning essential grammar and vocabulary. We offer preparation courses for official exams. We offer a range of translation services. And we offer Spanish lessons using the same Callan Method.

We teach in Roquetas de Mar, in PITA Almeria (Parque Científico Tecnológico de Almería,, and in large and multi-national businesses.

Christopher Hanson (USA, 56 years old) is the founder and director of Inglés de Mar. He came to Spain in 2006 to be with his beloved, and has since taught English, History and Geography both privately and in a secondary school here. His studies and experience are in Humanities, Music, Classical Languages, Philosophy, and Theology. 


A resort town with over 12km of sandy beach and many opportunities for sport, leisure, writing a book, and relaxing while you teach. Roquetas de Mar is near Almeria in the Southeast of Spain. The school is located very near to all services and 200 meters from the beach. We can help you find affordable housing in good locations. Check out Roquetas de Mar and Inglés de Mar on Google Maps, and consider how Roquetas de Mar can be your summer destination or permanent home. 




Inglés de Mar School of English seeks a person who wishes to use the dynamic and proven CALLAN METHOD for teaching English as a foreign language. Men and women with experience in theatre, radio, journalism or marketing often present the instincts that work well with this method. Teachers with previous Callan teaching experience are very welcome. We also offer training for those who want to embark on a new and exciting way of teaching English.

Please direct your inquiries to Christopher Hanson: ingles(at)    +34 688933278   SKYPE  christopher8287


Sede Urb. Roquetas de Mar

Av. Mediteraneo
C.C. Pasaja Andaluz



Av. de la Innovacion, 15
Edificio Pitagoras - 2° Of. 48




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